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Films like they used to be. Films that work. Films with International Appeal. Films that create a following audience before going into production. Films that are successful.

Heavens Delight:

After countless aeons, Heaven is finally changing over to computers, the contents of acres of filing cabinets are being sorted, stacked and programmed. God finds a four hundred-year-old wish made out to Father Dominic a kindly caring man who has reincarnated as Danny Denton a young attractive unscrupulous sex mad lingerie salesman. God sends his number one angel, the sophisticated middle aged Walter, to visit Danny and grant him his wish. But Walter wants what Danny wants, the beautiful Katrina his reincarnated love.

Who is going to win her love, only God knows. Havoc is now on earth as it is in Heaven.

When 24 year old Nancy leaves her friendly home town of Kewanee, Illinois to visit her Uncle Hugh in the quiet Scottish Town of Boulder Creek for a working holiday she has no idea that she is about to become the next chosen victim of four inbred brothers who live up in the highlands and are serial killers - the horrific terror she is about to endure she will never forget.

"Deliverance" "Silence of the Lambs" "Cape Fear"

And Now

"Mothers Justice"

Mystery Beach:

As a young boy Steve has always loved the girl in the photograph he has saved from a bottle that was swept onto the beach. Now grown up and being a brilliant computer whiz kid Steve brings her to life only to find he returns with her to the past. Steve must now return to the beach without Angie-bell

Will love win or will they always love each other in cyber space?

A “Back to the Future” Love Story.

Wingless Victory:

The true account of Wing Commander Basil Embrey's attempted escape from France back to Britain in 1940. After being shot down he was on the run for over 9 weeks, often sleeping in ditches of a daytime - on the move at night. Dressed up as a tramp, filthy dirty, he was captured and forced to kill three German guards in hand to hand fighting. Reichmarshal Goering now posted a reward on him "Dead or Alive". Only the love for his wife and family drove him on.

A true unbelievable action adventure film.

Mary-Lou, Pop and Hugh.

When the aging billionaire Pop Spaires a small balding statured man who is the biggest condom manufacturer in America decides to leave his vast fortune to his young siblings, Mary-Lou and Hugh, he gives them one task

 “to kill his two main rivals”

But Pop Squires does not allow for his two siblings fumbling attempts or his devious and mysterious long lost son…..

Brit Films in Development

Developing, promoting and producing quality British Films for an International audience.

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