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Films like they used to be. Films that work. Films with International Appeal. Films that create a following audience before going into production. Films that are successful.

How does the film industry work?

BritFilms in Development is doing it differently

What involvement do we require from you

It takes commitment to develop a project

It’s based upon a number of factors, sometimes all, other times one or two of the following. The screenplay, producer, director and the cast. Basically, if they like the “PROJECT” they assess its commercial market potential. So as an example it’s an action film like say a “Die Hard” film, that gives them a good idea as to it’s potential world wide gross revenue that therefore that determines the budget.

When they get it right, the film will normally generate very impressive profits but half the time they get it wrong (otherwise life would be to easy) and they lose out sometimes completely. Other times they break even.

One of the reasons for such high risks is that screenplays can be interpreded many different ways and at the time of financing no one knows what the film will looks like and thats one of the major factors.

Rather than just realy on the screenplay to get a film funded, in addition we shall be storyboarding the film in full colour with narrative, dialogue, sound effects and music.

You, our movie enthusiast, will be able to see the style of the film and be able to rate it. You will aslo be able to make your comments which will help us develop the movie should we require to. If you rate it highly it shall go into production, if you rate it very poorly unless we can change the storyline based upon your comments its unlikly to go into production. It goes without saying that we believe all our projects will get good ratings and this is what should give confidence to the financiers to fund the film rather than take a gamble on a screenplay that they do not know how it will look and how strong the market is for it.

It does not happen overnight. It takes time and money to complete a screenplay, develop the storyboards and produce the final project onto this website, and you as a dedicated movie enthusiast will see this for yourself. So don’t expect it to happen tomorrow. It takes time.

Watch this site. Add it to your favourites. It is in a constant state of development as projects are developed and new projects added.

Brit Films in Development

Developing, promoting and producing quality British Films for an International audience.

This website is for dedicated Movie going Enthusiast throughout the world who want to have involvement in a feature film through to it’s production.

If that’s you, read on.